Before You Buy Grocery Store Coffee, Read This

Before You Buy Grocery Store Coffee, Read This

If you buy coffee from a grocery store, you may not be aware of some pretty scary and disconcerting facts.

Clearly, I LOVE coffee, and am usually 2 cups and 1 espresso shot in by 7 AM, so I get how important it is for your morning coffee to be an easy routine.  Drop by the store - grab the big tin or a few of the "green" bags.  Prep the machine the night before.  After gym or spin class, perhaps on your way to work, you order another at your local drive-thru.  In the afternoon we all look forward to our coffee breaks.  Repeat the next day.  Easy, ritual, if not habitual.


Guess what - big coffee producers are not only capitalizing on that typical routine, they’re also banking on you prioritizing convenience (and oftentimes price) over taste, pleasure, and your health.  The truth is most of their coffee is bad for your health (mold, fungus, pesticides); and, it is equally (actually, significantly) worse for farmers and our environment.

Here’s the thing - coffee beans come from the fruit of a coffee tree.  Like any crop, there's a perfect moment to harvest that fruit – that optimal timing makes coffee taste INCREDIBLE!  Unfortunately, big coffee companies are focused on extracting higher profit margins than extracting the finest flavors from the beans.  They genuinely don’t care about the taste.  Nor the farmers, nor the environment.

Specialty coffee is hand-picked and picked ONLY when the beans are ripe!  That means specialty coffee farmers literally harvest the same crops over and over, daily, to ensure precise ripeness.


Hand-picked, only when ripe

By contrast, large producers use machine harvesting to pick their coffee.  Large fields of coffee trees are harvested simultaneously by behemoth machines.  So much of the crop is not yet ripe.  Additionally, items other than the harvest often fall into the collection bins, adding moldy leaves, bugs and even dead birds mixed with your beans.  Yep, that’s just one reason your cup of coffee ends up tasting so blah and bitter.


Mass produced and mass harvested before ripening

After harvest most coffee chain producers deliberately over-roast their beans.  Over roasting burns all the real flavors and leaves it tasting like charcoal - bitter, burnt and acidic.  They will use terms like “bold and full-bodied” to describe their coffee, but the reality is it's just burnt and they're betting on you not knowing the difference.  When was the last time your store-bought coffee bag read “tasting notes of sweet apple, raisin & honey?”  Or “tasting profiles of dark chocolate, molasses, brown sugar?”

And then there’s this: store bought coffee and large chains (even the better ones with the green signs 😉) transport and store (warehouse) their beans for months and months at a time – sometimes for more than a year!

Beans are stored in warehouses for months after roasting

What does that mean?  Coffee beans reach their peak flavor and aroma 5-21 days after roasting.  Where cheese and wine get better with age – coffee is the opposite.  The longer the beans sit (even pre-roasting), the more susceptible to oxidation they are.  But once they are roasted, the flavors and aromas begin to lose their delicacy after 3-4 weeks.  That flavor plummets when subjected to months of dry storage.

So, here’s the GREAT news:  When you use a coffee subscription service from a Specialty Coffee Company, you can combine convenience, philanthropy, good environment practices, with optimal flavor. 

Freshly roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep

You will receive hand-picked, FRESHLY ROASTED specialty coffee from the top 1% of farms across the world, delivered to your doorstep.  You can choose the quantity and the timeframe: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.  AND, when you do that, you will also receive a 15% discount!

High Vibration Coffee’s subscription service is super flexible.  You can pause or cancel at any time.  You can also give the gift of subscription service to someone else! 

So… your morning coffee routine is now more convenient, healthier and INFINITELY more pleasurable!